ILCN opened its second neurological rehabilitation clinic, at Campo Grande, 28 – 10º B, in Lisbon region, called "Tejo Clinic".

Telephone: (+351) 222 012 097  

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Clinical Team


Medical Practitioner – Patrícia Lopes – Tejo Clinic Clinical Director

Pediatrician at the Development Unit of the Hospital of Estefania, in Lisbon. Graduated from the Faculty of Medical Sciences and post graduate in Neurodevelopment in Pediatrics, at the Catholic University of Portugal, Lisbon, also with several additional training. Combines the authorship of several communications with experience as monitors of various training.

Neuropsychologist - José Góis Horácio

PhD in Neuropsychology Pediatric. Coordinator of the Neuropsychology Unit of the Hospital Egas Moniz (CHLO). University Professor at several universities in the field of neurophysiology, neuropsychology and decision-making processes. Author of several books and scientific articles in international journals

Nurse - Ana Sofia Rodrigues

Professional Card – 4 -E-77329

Degree in Nursing in the School of Health Valley Ave.
Has experience in healthcare, including the Service of Internal Medicine, General Surgery Service, Mental Health and Psychiatry, the Family Health Unit and ER.

Nurse - Manuela Quelhas

Professional Card – 4 -E-75536

Degree in Nursing at the Catholic University of Porto.
Has experience in healthcare, including Community Health, Primary Health Care, Family Health Unit, Department of General Medicine, Department of Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery, Neurosurgery Service, Mental Health and Psychiatry, among others.
Trained in "Wound care and tissue viability" and "Basic Life Support and Automated External Defibrillator for Health Professionals certified by the American Heart Association (AHA) and the INEM (National Institute for Medical Emergency)".

Nurse – Lígia Brandão

Member of the Nurses Order – 80997

Degree in Nursing at Port Nursing School. Professional experience in health care, particularly in Home Support (geriatrics) in the ER, Continuing Care Units, Mental Health and Psychiatry, Primary Health Care, Surgery and Medicine Service.

Nutritionist - Alexandra Gouveia

Degree in Dietetics at Bragança Polytechnic Institute.
Internships at the Integral Attention to Mayores San Prudencio Center in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, and at Vila Nova de Gaia Hospital, with preparation and prescription of the diet Turmix in Elderly Care Center.

Occupational Therapist - Ana Assis

Professional Card No.: C—029980160

Degree in Occupational Therapy from the Health Technology Porto School with specialization in Occupational Therapy in the physical rehabilitation area. Attends a Postgraduate Diploma in Sensory Integration.
Served at the Entre o Douro e o Vouga Hospital Center, seeking the highest level of functionality and autonomy of individuals (adults and children) with neurological conditions, degenerative diseases, genetic syndromes, developmental delays, cerebral palsy, among others. Initially, in multi-disabilities units and later in Structured Teaching Unit / Autism, having as main activity the preparation and implementation of programs for the development of perceptual- motor sensory skills of daily living and instrumental programs and for the development of functional competence and protected in natural settings. Also exercised in different clinical pediatric support, support functions and appropriate to the child's idiosyncratic needs therapeutic intervention, particularly with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disorders.

Fitness Coach - David Ferreira

Professional Card N.: 11018

Bachelor of Sport and Recreation for School of Education, Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo.
Performing functions of a swimming teacher and trainer in various institutions.

Psychomotrician – Ana Rita Cunha

Portuguese Association of Psychomotricity: member nº 508

Degree in Psychomotor Rehabilitation by the Trás – os – Montes e Alto Douro University, in Vila Real, with a graduate degree in Psychomotricity, by Instituto Português de Psicologia, in Porto; Technical assistant physiotherapy at Cº Formed in Porto.

Depeened her studies in various formations as "Psychomotricity in water", "Therapy Snozelen", "Grafomotricidade and disgafria", "Palpatory anatomy and orthopedic tests", "Massage techniques in geriatrics", "Muscular Tapingneuro – level 1", among others.

Served as psychomotor therapist in various clinics and medical- therapeutic centers, working mainly with children with various problems.

Physiotherapist - Rita Fernandes

Professional Card No. C-034957073

Degree in Physical Therapy from the School of Health Sciences, University Fernando Pessoa Health in Porto.
Worked at the Costa Verde Clinic in Espinho, at Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Espinho and Early Intervention Service of Cercigaia through the protocol existing with the Hospital of Vila Nova de Gaia / Espinho. Has experience in pediatric care in neurological, orthopedic conditions, genetic syndromes, developmental delays, cerebral palsy, among others.

Has participated in research projects and presented communications at scientific meetings.

Physical Trainer – Beatriz Valenzuela Garcia

Degree in "Physical Culture" by the Institute of Physical Culture Comandante Manuel Fajardo, in Havana (1979), received the "Basic Course of Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation" in CIREN, Havana (1999), Cuba, as well as and the "Lean Gong Chinese Therapy Course Center" and "Bobath method Course".
Having diversified professional experience—therapeutic gymnastics teacher, expert in physical rehabilitation, massage therapy, and moxibustion—since 1998 has dedicated much of his work to the neurorehabilitation specialty (spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, brain injury static, movement disorders). Has carried on business in Cuba as well as several other countries in America and Europe.
Has participated in research projects and presented communications at scientific meetings.


Speech Therapist - Marilisa Gouveia

Professional Card C—038720183

Degree in Speech Therapy for Superior Health Institute of Alto Ave.
Deepened their academic studies with diverse backgrounds as "Neuromuscular bands Application in speech therapy." In addition to the theoretical knowledge of professional experience in the children neurological rehabilitation area through the Intensive Neurological Restoration, applied in Clinical CHS- CIREN model. Also held positions in clinical settings with therapeutic care for children (language delays, speech sound disorders, autism, attention deficits, among others) and adults (patients with aphasia, dysarthrias, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease).


Speech Therapist – Andreia Teixeira

Degree in Speech Therapy by the Superior Health School of Alcoitão. Trained in Portuguese Sign Language and hearing impairment, acquired extensive experience with deaf students in reference schools (CED-Instituto Jacob Rodrigues Pereira and Agrupamento de Escolas Quinta de Marrocos). At the multiple disabilities area, worked with children in schools, in a Specialized Unit and at Crinabel with young adults (autism, cerebral palsy and trisomy 21). In regular schools worked with children with language pathologies (PEL, ADL), speech disorders, dyslexia and stuttering.


Physiotherapist– Inês Guerra

Professional Card No. C-045883076

Degree in Physical Therapy at the Health Technology School of Lisbon. Held supplementary training in Myofascial Syndrome Treatment, palpatory anatomy (level I) and Functional bandages. Participated in the 2nd International Congress of the Polytechnic Institute of Health of Leiria, with research work "Association of cognitive stimulation to the motor training in elderly patients with dementia," published in the Journal of Public Health 2014; 48; No special. Has experience in academic stage context in the areas of neurology, continuing care, mental disability, critical care, cardiac, orthopedic / musculoskeletal and sports. Also has professional experience in the areas of neurology, orthopedics / musculoskeletal and sports.


The international consultant team also includes:

Prof. Dr. Jose Enrique Enriquez Hernandez (Cuba, 1942), MD , PhD. Degree in Medicine and Surgery (Universidad de Sevilla, 1975).
Medical Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Universidad de la Laguna, 1980) . Doctor of Medicine (Universidad de la Laguna, 1985), Certified by "The European Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation " in 1993. Worked in neurological rehabilitation (Södersjukhuset Hospital in Stockholm) and rheumatology (Lund University Hospital), 1979 to 1984. Was Chief Medical Rehabilitation Service of Hospital General Universitario de Canarias (1985-2012), and Professor of Radiology and Physical Medicine at the Medical School of the Universidad de La Laguna, 1992-2012, and is a member of several scientific societies. Has extensive clinical experience en neurological and rheumatologic rehabilitation and a recognized academic life. It is the Medical Director of Clinical Vintersol in Tenerife, and Academic correspondent of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Prof. Doctor Lazarus Sardiñas Norberto Hernandez, MD, PhD. ILCN Advisor in Child Neurology. Professor of Neurology graduated in Medicine in 1969 from the Universidad de La Habana, Cuba. Directed the Neurology Service of the Institute of Neurology Neurosurgery y Cuba for more than 3 decades. Is Professor in the School of Medical Sciences of Havana and Investigator Holder de la Academia de Ciencias de Cuba. Lord of intense academic life and teaching, published more than 90 scientific articles and several books, among them:Fundamentals of Child Neurology; Cerebral Pseudotumor; Neurological Basis of Semiology and Neurology Themes for Medical Practice.

Resides in Spain, where he continues his professional activities.

Prof. Doctor Jesus Llabres Olmo (Spain, 1956), MD, Specialist in Neurology and Neurophysiology by the Complutense University of Madrid and La Laguna in Tenerife, with training in Neuromuscular Disorders (Newcastle General Hospital and Neurological Institute and National Hospital for Nervous Disease, University College of London).

Was head of Clinical Neurophysiology Service of La Laguna Hospital and Professor of Neurology at the University of La Laguna and is a member of the Spanish and European Societies of Neurology, the American Academy of Neurology and the Royal Society of Medicine UK and researcher at the Laboratory of Neurochemistry Neuroimagen y Universidad de La Laguna. Have a solid background in neurodegenerative and neuromuscular, epilepsy disorders and is expert in techniques Electroencephalography, operating Motor System and Polysomnography. Also develops new neurophysiological studies of technologies.