The Instituto Luso-Cubano de Neurologia is dedicated to neurologic rehabilitation of any age patients and aims to apply and develop an effective system of multidisciplinary treatment based on the principle of neuroplasticity. The main treated pathologies are, in children, cerebral palsy, development disorders and autism; and in adults, CVA, Parkinson disease, ataxia and Traumatic Brain Injury sequelaes.

We have a team of health professional highly skilled in the application of neurorehabilitation treatments and the related comprehensive programs. Our approaches are patient and family oriented, applying intensive trainning and advance technology to improve motor and cognitive functions, autonomy and quality of life. [more]


Nutrition pro plasticity Multidisciplinary rehabilitation noninvasive brain therapy


• Neurology • Rehabilitation Pneumology • Nursing • Dietetics and Nutrition • Neuropsychology • Physiotherapy • Speech Training • Occupational Therapy • Electrotherapy • Noninvasive Brain Stimulation • Ozone therapy •[+]